This Dog Can’t Understand Why He’s Getting No Love… From A Mannequin

Dogs love nothing more than a good, long cuddle – and that’s just one of the reasons that we love them so much!

Whenever we settle down, they’re always there right by our side, demanding all of our attention and making sure that they’re the sole focus of the room.

This can sometimes lead to an expectation, which, for this dog, turned out to be quite unsatisfactory…

Clearly used to getting regular cuddles, this dog just couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to show him some love – even if they are, in fact, a mannequin!

The footage, which has been active in the social media sphere for a while, is doing the rounds once again, and seems to be getting more attention than ever before.

The video shows the adorable dog approaching the mannequin, which is in a seated position, and sitting right between it’s legs, staring right at him.

Tail wagging actively, the dog remains in position for a good while, becoming increasingly more confused as to why he’s getting no response.

Well, who can blame him, he is an adorable dog!

With over 38k likes, people have flocked to the video to comment on the clip of the perplexed pooch, with many stressing that they’d love nothing more than to give the dog what he wants and make him happy.

We’re totally with them – the more we watch it, the more we want to just jump in and throw our arms around him!

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