This dog has better hair than you…

Thought you were having a good hair day? Wait until you see this pup’s luscious locks!

Meet Kuma, the Shih Tzu and Pekingese cross taking Instagram by storm. Kuma (meaning ‘Bear’ in Japanese) is arguably the most stylish dog on Instagram, regularly posting pictures of her fancy new ‘dos.

To see more of Kuma, check out her Instagram page HERE. Is that a cry of #hairgoals we can hear?!


pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-6 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-13 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-22 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-23 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-44 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-37 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-48 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-9 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-27 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-49 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-8 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-33 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-46 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-28 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-29 pekingese-dog-hairstyles-kuma-39


Image sources – Bored Panda & Instagram


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