Shopping Bag Dog finds New Home!

When priest Lourens van Wyk spotted a carrier bag dumped on a busy Cape Town railway, you’ll be heartbroken to know what he found inside…

Lourens, 67, said, ‘I saw there was a plastic bag lying on the ground. It looked like it could have been a baby. It was pouring with rain. I tore the packet open and it was a dog, I was shocked. He looked very sick and his hair was falling out. I just grabbed him and raced in my car to the clinic.’


The pooch he had found, which has since been named Trax, had his legs and muzzle bound by shoelaces. A loss of circulation meant removing the shoelaces was a very delicate process – they had to be untied from his swollen limbs very slowly to make sure it didn’t cause him too much pain.

Trax also developed a head tic due to the trauma inflicted on him, but thankfully it is now improving thanks to lots of love and care from the Cape Town Vets.



Trax has a new home waiting for him a two hour journey away in Johannesburg.  As soon as the vet gives him a clean bill of health, he’ll be on his way to a new life.

Unfortunately, Trax’s story is not an unfamiliar one in South Africa, but thankfully this case has a very happy ending.


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