Does Dog Walking Count as Exercise?


Does dog walking count as exercise? 

The amount of exercise a dog needs each day can really vary according to the age and breed of your dog. Adequate exercise is needed to keep your dog healthy and happy and walking is a great way to do this.  If you have a large garden and your dog can freely run several times a day, you may need less of a walk than a dog that has no outdoor space to run around in.  However getting out into a new environment can be great for a dog. Walking is one of the best exercises. Not only physically but also mentally. See our blog on the countryside code to ensure you’re up to date on the latest laws and guidelines when walking pooches.

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How Much Dog Walking does a Dog Need?

When deciding how much walking your dog actually needs, it is useful to look at their breed and how active they are. Also look at your lifestyle – if you are at work for a large proportion of the day a long morning walk may be best for your dog, this will help make sure your dog is tired enough, and they will be resting and sleeping more in the day, this can also stop them being bored and destructive. Getting a dog walker can also help with this. Here at Tailster we have carers all over the UK that will be happy to take your dog out whilst your at work so you can come home to a tired and happy dog. Here are 10 things you should be looking for in a dog walker. 

Whilst your dog is a puppy they will need considerably less walks. The general guide is 5 minutes for every month. For example if your dog is 3 months old they should have a 15 minute walk. Over walking a young pup can cause leg and joint damage. But how much exercise does your dog really need? Find out here .

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Does Your Dog Need a Lead?

Dogs should be taught that there are times when their freedom will be restricted and when they are allowed to walk freely to know the limits they can reach and be ready to return to you. Every dog ​​should learn to walk well on a lead. Some puppies immediately perceive the collar and the lead, while others need more patience and encouragement. Training in this regard should start at an early age and after all vaccinations should be taken on a step-by-step walk. Nevertheless, all dog walking is exercise, so make sure to keep that in your daily schedule. Sometimes, a collar isn’t suitable for a dog due to their body type, or it may hurt their neck if they pull so you may need to consider a harness. But which one should you choose? We’ve put some info together for you here.

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