Do Cats Have A Good Memory?

Despite being one of the UK’s most popular pets, cats get a lot of flack which, for the most part, is totally unwarranted.

Far from being the cold, independent creatures that people often perceive, cats are incredibly loyal pets and, in many ways, just as loving as dogs yet slightly less demanding.

Cats are also incredibly smart, with a sharpness that’s pretty much unparalleled (well, in most cases)…

How Good A Memory Do Cats Have?

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Unsurprisingly, cats have a really good memory, as is proven time and time again.

Think about it – outdoor cats go out and explore every day but always return home, usually at a set time, to enjoy their creature comforts and to spend the night with those that they recognise and love.

Similarly, the media is rife with stories of cats returning home after significantly long periods of time (we’re talking decades here), recognising their family after all that time.

So, Are Cats Intelligent?

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Whilst cats have a memory that can last a lifetime, it seems that this isn’t always everything.

Research has found that dogs have around 530 million neurones calculating their behaviour, whereas cats have only 250 million, rendering dogs genetically smarter than cats.

It is undeniable, however, that cats have a particular knack for storing information and, in a lot of cases, scheming.

What Do We Know About Cats And Their Memory?

Cats may not technically be the most intelligent, but they do have the best memory.

Neurones aside, further suggestions have been made in terms of a cat’s retention, with Second Opinion Doctor suggesting their memories are “almost 200 times more retentive. Without repeated reinforcement training, a dog’s memory span is about 5 minutes. Cats, on the other hand, averaged about 16 hours.”

They also have a pretty good long term memory – in fact, it’s not uncommon for them to show preferences or hold lifelong grudges, based upon prior experiences.

Not only does this demonstrate the immense memory that cats have, it also highlights how important the initial stages of a cat’s life are. Get it right, and they’ll love you forever – get it wrong, and you won’t be forgiven easily…

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