DNA in doggy doo doo could come back to haunt you

Leaving your dog mess behind rather than picking up is an issue in some parks, for some areas of the UK, this appears to be so much of a problem that councils are taking things one step further.

A firm in North Wales wants to bring the Pooprints service over from the US with up to 20 councils in the UK reportedly interested in doing so.

Pooprints came up with the idea to DNA test dog poo last year – they believed that if you take swabs of dogs from their mouths and record this on a database so that if any poop was found, they could be matched to the ‘culprit’ who didn’t pick it up.

Councils could make owners in problem areas register their dogs to a database, which involves a painless mouth swab – they would be able to use the Antisocial Behaviour and Policing Act to force dog owners to comply – the question is would you be willing to sign up to this database?

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