Cuteness Alert! Newcastle Pug Defies Nature And Gives Birth To Ten Puppies!

Yep, you did read the title correctly, it does say ten. TEN. All those puppies are running around a house somewhere in Newcastle. We think we just turned greener than the Wicked Witch of the West…

Pug owners Sylvia and Sarah Robson were extremely surprised when their beloved pet Pug gave birth to an extraordinary sized litter of ten puppies – of which, only one didn’t survive.

Some-of-the-litter-of-pugs-born-in-Walkergate (1)

The usual amount of puppies Pugs have is around six, but they can often be much smaller litters due to the petite structure of the breed. According to the Newcastle Chronicle, Sylvia has taken some time off her job as a nurse to look after the puppies as Pug mum, Belle, can’t look after them all at once. Because the puppies can’t all be fed by their mum at once, Sylvia and Sarah have had to hand rear them.


Sylvia and Sarah already own Belle and Belle’s mum, so they say they are not keeping any of the puppies. We would love to get hold of some of that adorable squirmy puppy cuteness!


Images courtesy of Newcastle Chronicle

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