Curious cows lovingly kiss a French Bulldog!

If you think your dog is charming, well wait until see you see this!

Bruce, the French Bulldog, was out on a nice stroll on a farm in Eumundi, in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland. What he probably expected was lots of fields, trees and the occasional stop to do his business.

However, from the video footage below, I don’t think he expected to be lovingly licked by three curious cows. In fact, by the sheer confusion in Bruce’s face, it is quite clear that he did not expect it at all!

Bruce seemed extremely curious of these cows however it wasn’t long before these cows took a liking to him! One cow sticks it’s head through the fence to get an even closer look, and a lick, at Bruce. Even though he may have flinched at the beginning, it’s quite obvious that it was too late and he would just have to endure their slobbery kisses.

Perhaps the cows mistook Bruce for one of their own – or maybe Bruce just turned on the charm and wooed these cows? It’s not clear but whatever happened, it was pretty adorable. I’m sure Bruce will not forget this for a long time and perhaps may have made some larger lifetime friends.

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