Couple spend $150k cloning their beloved pet

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Every pet owner understands how losing a pet feels – it’s a big loss to the whole family and has a huge impact. We’ll always have wonderful memories with our pets to treasure – but some pet owners are now going beyond that and resorting to pet cloning in order to keep the legacy of their beloved pet alive. It’s caused some controversy and many are debating how true a clone this really produces, but it is becoming more common.

One example of this is Edgar and Nina Otto, who cloned their Labrador Sir Lancelot for $150,000 (around £112,000) when they discovered it was an option to them. They named their new family member Lancelot Encore and here he is:

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Another British couple cloned their boxer Dylan when he died of a heart attack – and went all the way to South Korea to watch their new pet being born. They got not one, but two puppies, and they couldn’t believe how much they looked like Dylan.

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This process works by injecting DNA of the deceased pet into the egg of a surrogate and the first pet cloned commercial was a cat named Little Nicky, back in 2004.

It’s certainly not cheap and will set someone back between £67,000 and £120,000 – if you had the money, would you do it?

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