Collar vs Harness: Which Is Right For You?

There are many opinions out there when it comes to the collar vs harness debate. Ultimately it comes down to the specific breed and what works best for your dog but we’ve got some Tailster Tips to help you make the choice.

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Convenient for ID tags: A collar is the perfect place to attach your dog’s ID tag. Legally, your dog must wear an identification tag with your name and full postcode (your phone number is optional but highly recommended!)

Some dogs prefer collars: A collar is an excellent alternative for dog’s who don’t feel comfortable in a harness.


Increased chance of injury: Even a dog who pulls fairly lightly can be at a higher risk of injuring the neck or spine. Read our guide on how to stop lead pulling here.

Increased eye pressure: Collars have been know to cause increased eye pressure which can worsen any existing eye problems.

Not as secure: If your dog is spooked or panicked, they will find it far easier to slip out and escape from a collar than a secure chest harness.



Great training tool for puppies: Harnesses are a great option when training a young puppy not to pull as you have better control over your dog.

Perfect for flat faced breed: Brachycephalics such as French Bulldogs and Pugs, can develop respiratory stress if too much pressure is put on their throat and necks.


Harnesses can rub: Some breeds might find an ill fitting harness uncomfortable under the arm pit area. Always ensure your harness fits your dog correctly by measuring before you buy.

Can’t be worn at all times: It wouldn’t be fair on your dog if you insisted on the harness being worn at all hours of the day. Your dog’s harness should just be worn for their walks!

We’d recommend investing in both

Collar for home: Your dog should have ID tags on 24/7. A collar is comfortable enough to be worn all day long so you’re prepared in case of an escape.

Harness for walks: A correctly fitted harness reduces risk of injury or choking and lessens the chance of your dog slipping out into danger.

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