Taped up Clover finds a new home!

A heartwarming story about an abandoned Whippet that was found in Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire with her muzzle taped shut with duct tape and her new home with the vet that looked after her.

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The dog, that is now named Clover, was found in August this year by villagers who spotted her running around in distress. Thankfully they managed to catch her and take her to the vet who revealed it was one of the worst cruelty cases she had seen. Her mouth was ‘swollen, bruised and bloody’ and she was unable to open it at all. It is believed the youngster had been like that for at least two days. She also had a deep wound on a leg which had to be stitched.

Tanya, the vet who looked after Clover, took her home as her injuries were so severe she needed round the clock care. Tanya said, “She quickly stole my heart.”

After six weeks of care are rehabilitation, Clover has transformed from a subdued, sad dog to a confident, playful one – all thanks to Tanya’s TLC.

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“It really is amazing how far she has come since she first arrived,” Tanya said. “She’s now so loving, loyal and warm – and so trusting of people, against all odds. She’s even helping to grow the confidence of my other dog – also a rescue – and they’ve become the best of friends over the last few weeks.

“There were moments when the team and I really thought Clover might not make it, but I was determined to save her – and we did. The dedication and support that I had from my team while dealing with this tragic case of cruelty was out of this world, and both Clover and I really can’t thank them enough. “

The RSPCA are thankful for all the donations they received towards Clover’s recovery after the story touched so many people, with the amount reaching £14,000 the remainder will be used to help other dogs in its care.

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Source: dogworld.co.uk

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