Dog Rings The Doorbell To Let Owner Know He’s Home

Dogs are crafty creatures, often relying on dutiful owners to help them through a whole range of situations when, in actual fact, they’re more than capable themselves.

Whether they give up walking because they want to be carried or refuse to take five steps to retrieve their treat, we’re terrible pushovers – we just can’t help ourselves!

Whilst the majority of dogs pull it off quite well, this clever pooch has proven just how smart a dog can really be…

After getting locked out of his house, this dog learned to ring the door bell in the hope that he’d be let back in – and the security camera caught it all!

The video, which was recently shared on social media, shows the dog returning to his home and ringing the doorbell after running away two days earlier.

The dog, named Marshall, was spotted trying to get back into his home in Spokane, Washington earlier this week on September 25.

His owner, Greg Basel, shared the video from his security system, in which the dog can be seen making his presence known, letting his dad know that he was ready to come back inside.

We don’t know about you, but the video hit us very close to home, bringing back memories of almost knocking down our parents’ door at 4am after forgetting our keys on a drunken night out.

Honestly, give us Marshall the dog over that any day…

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