Chewbacca – the 4 pound rescue pup!

Meet Chewbacca!

No, I’m not talking about the 7ft Wookiee warrior who helped to restore freedom among the galaxy. I’m talking about Chewbacca, Chewie for short, the 4-pound rescue pup with a snaggletooth – helping to restore cuteness on Instagram!

Chewie’s coat is very similar to the coat of Chewbacca’s and his snaggletooth is definitely his most prominent and adorable feature.

Before Chewie’s claim to fame on Instagram, he was found as a stray by the police in Yuma, Arizona and was taken to the Chiquita Chihuahua Rescue. When Sarah and her partner, Alicia, went to the rescue centre, they instantly fell in love with Chewie – and who can blame them? One of the largest Chihuahua stray populations in the US is Arizona. With Chewie’s new found fame, Sarah hopes that his Instagram and his story will help to highlight how important it is to adopt rescue animals and to help give them a new life.

‘Though he is only 4lbs, he has a big heart despite what he has been through and was the perfect addition to our family.’ Sarah says.

At Tailster HQ, we are wondering how Chewie is dealing with his new found fame? Perhaps he will be cast for the next Star Wars films? Or maybe he will go on to conquer Instagram even more with his adorable pictures?

When watching the Olympics makes you too hyped. 📷: @ccpetcare #olympics #rio2016

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Amazing work Chiquita Chihuahua Rescue for saving Chewie and helping him to find his furrever home with Sarah and Alicia – he looks like one extremely happy pup now!

I guess there is only one way to end this article…may the paws be with you.


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