Cats vs. Dogs: Who’s The Smartest?

Here at Tailster we’re obsessed with our pets! No, we mean really obsessed. We’d spend all of our time with them if we could.

Lately, there have been several studies into animal behaviours, giving us an unprecedented insight into our pet’s mind and ultimately bringing us closer together. Studies into mental health have found that dogs can suffer just as much as humans do, and scientists are currently working on a translation device that could mean we’re all speaking to our pets within the next decade.

It’s all very exciting!

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Another study by the University of Salford has attempted to figure out what our dogs are trying to tell us, and the results have recently been published in the science journal Animal Cognition. We spend hours marvelling over our dog’s bark and wondering what it could mean, and now the researchers from Salford are working through translating a list of possible gestures between dogs and their humans.

Out of 47 identified communication methods, they’ve so far managed to translate 19. These include:

Dinner Time

Using their snout to move your hand on to their body

Offering their paw

Tilting their head from side-to-side, between their human and another object

Standing up on their hind legs

Pushing a toy with their snout

Scratch Me, Please

Rolling onto their back

Pressing their nose against you or another object

Licking you or another object

Placing their paw on you

Gently biting your arm

Shuffling along the ground while rolling over

Lifting a hind leg while laying on their side

Rubbing their head against you

Play Time

Briefly touching you with a single paw

Diving headfirst under a person or object

Reaching a paw towards an object of interest (i.e. toys)

Wiggling their body underneath a person or object

Take Me Out

Jumping on their hind legs and resting their paws on you

Jumping up and down while staying in the same location

So, what does this mean for Dogs vs. Cats?

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It’s an age old battle, and one that’s spurred on often by proud, committed owners. Let’s face it, our pets are like our children, and we all think that ours is the best – well, we don’t think, we know

Dog owners say that their pooch’s loyalty and capacity to be trained makes them the smartest, whilst cat owners take pride in their pet’s independent spirit. In terms of raw brain power, however, this is all speculative – until now…

Scientists have done their thing, and we finally have an answer – dogs are officially the smartest!

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Apparently, it all comes down to hunting. No, really! Research has found that dogs have around 530 million neurones calculating their behaviour, whereas cats have only 250 million.

In fact, dogs have the most neurons of any carnivore, despite not having the biggest brains. This indicates, therefore, that dogs have a greater biological capacity to undertake more complex tasks than cats, rendering them genetically smarter.

So, there you have it, dogs are the winner! But, really, who cares which is the smartest? We’re not looking for a furry little Einstein – so long as they’re loyal, cute and loveable, give us a crazy cat or a dopey dog any day!

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