Thieving Cat Steals Underwear From Local Washing Lines

We’ve all heard stories of cats coming home with gifts for their owners, with the majority of cat owners used to disposing of all sorts of precious offerings.

From birds and mice to all sorts of useless findings, cats deem a whole number of items to be ‘treasures’ that they simply can’t leave behind.

Far from the usual, this cat developed a rather embarrassing obsession, which left his owner with a lot to answer for…

Basil the cat developed an unlikely fetish for knickers, socks and pants, which he frequently stole from local washing lines and brought home for his (rather embarrassed) owner.


© Jane Goodwin

Owner Jane Godwin has been left red-faced on several occasions, as Basil frequently nabs the garments from the washing lines of residents in Hanover, Brighton.

Having receiving several gifts from Basil, Ms. Godwin has taken to searching Facebook to try and find her cat’s victims so that she can return their garments to them.

The cat has earned quite a reputation amongst the local residents, with talk of his snatching habit rife around town.

Speaking to The Argus about discovering her missing pants on Ms. Godwin’s Facebook page, one of the cat’s victims, Rhianna Drummond-Clarke, said:

“I was scrolling on Facebook and I saw a photo of some knickers.

I thought to myself, they look like the ones that I haven’t seen in a couple of days.

I said ‘I bet it’s that cat’.”

© Jane Goodwin

Ms. Godwin has described Basil’s changing fixations, targeting leaves, then gloves and now underwear – and he shows no sign of slowing down!

So, if you live in the Hanover area and have more odd socks than usual, you know where to look…

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