Why You Should Never Board Your Cat in Brighton

Whenever you plan a holiday, pet care is always at the forefront of your plans… It’s important to ensure your cat is in an environment that is safe, secure and homely. So, why not stop short at packing your cat’s bags and get a cat sitter in Brighton instead?

Boarding dogs is a relatively common process and, whilst they may take a little time to settle in, after a couple of hours they’ll be more than comfortable in their new environment. For cats, however, it’s a completely different.

Cats still need someone to care for them whilst you’re away, but relocating them to a new environment is definitely not a good idea. Read on to find out why a cat sitter in Brighton is your best bet…

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Cats are creatures of habit. As independent as they may seem, they’re really complex creatures that love to be settled into a solid routine in surroundings that are familiar.

Changing their environment can really unsettle your cat, as they struggle to adjust to the major differences around them. Not only is the environment new, the scents that surround them are also totally alien, harming their territorial instincts.

Problems with boarding an outdoor cat

For new cat owners, the decision between keeping the cat inside the house or letting them roam free is a major predicament, but their natural instincts and loyalty to their owner means that they’re finely tuned to return home night after night.

  1. Without scents to lead them, they’ll become confused and distressed, increasing the likelihood of accidents and putting them in a dangerous position.
  2. If the boarding location is fairly close to their proper home, there’s a high chance that they’ll return to the territory that they’re familiar with.
  3. Cats ‘territories’ are very complex and taken extremely seriously by all cats in the area! The boundaries can be very particular so even if your cat isn’t totally new to the area, they could be subject to fights as they will be seen as a threat to other cats who view that as their patch.

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Problems with boarding an indoor cat

For indoor cats, the need to mark territory can cause major issues. Not only will it cause stress and unsettlement for the cat, it can also be troublesome for the carer, as they desperately try to leave their mark.

  1. Whether they scratch furnishings or go to the toilet to leave their mark, it’s going to cause disruption, which will make boarding a cat a total chore and a bit of a headache to the returning owner!
  2. A cat’s need for attention, which is vital in maintaining a positive state of mind, can also be an issue if you choose a cattery. As independent as they are, cats need the reassurance of their human companions, with a lack of this having overall negative effects.

So, What Should I Do With My Cat?

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Whilst sending your cat to a boarder is never a good idea, they obviously need to be cared for whilst you’re away. So, there’s only one real answer – find a suitable cat sitter in Brighton!

At Tailster, we’ve a range of fully vetted carers and sitters to tend to your cat care needs. Whether you want someone to stay at your home for the duration, or simply pop in a few times each day to check on how they’re doing, we’ve got all of your cat care needs covered.

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For more information on our full service and all you need to know about finding your perfect cat sitter in Brighton, click here.

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