This Cat’s Heart-Shaped Markings Are Sending People Crazy!

We all like to think that our animals are the cutest – we defy anyone to convince us otherwise – and would fight to the death to prove ourselves right!

Every day we’re faced with hundreds of the cutest animals on social media, all fighting for attention, and all winning our hearts time and time again. We just can’t resist a cute animal.

As much as we love them all, every now and then one comes up that’s just too much to resist, sending us and the rest of the world crazy with love and adoration…

This cute cat has been sending social media crazy with her pure white fur and distinctive, black, heart-shaped marking on her lower back. 

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Named Ikura, the one year old cat lives in Hokkaido, Japan, with her owners Sachiko and Sachio Kouraba.

Since being welcomed into the family, Ikura has amassed an impressive Instagram following of 19k in just over six months, with followers beside themselves expressing their adoration of the fabulous feline.

Following the immense amount of attention that the kitten has received, her owners have since made a set of two soft toys with markings identical to Ikura’s, which she has frequently been photographed alongside.

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Speaking of the universal love for Ikura and the cat’s two soft-toy siblings, Sachiko has said:

“A few weeks ago, I made two dolls that looks like her babies. 

She makes me so happy. We are not home during the day and she has an answering machine. 

She often looks out of the window to spot a bird and when not, she spends her time napping.”

We have to say, we’re obsessed with Ikura and her perfect heart-shaped markings, and can’t wait to see what’s next for the social media sensation.

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