Cat Dumped Due To Uncontrollable Bowel Movements

Dusty Bin, a three year old cat, was found dumped outside of an animal shelter due to her uncontrollable bowel movements, being dubbed a ‘health hazard’ by the anonymous owner.

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© Gables Farm

A three year old cat was recently discovered dumped in the rain outside the Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home in Plymouth. The anonymous owner had left behind a note explaining the reasons behind abandoning the cat, reading “has diarrhoea permanently and never uses a litter tray.”

The letter informed that the choice to dump the cat was a last resort as the owner had followed the vet’s instructions regarding administering a special diet, but that the cat posed a ‘health hazard’.

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© Gables Farm

Gables Farm’s deputy manager Ruth Rickard was first to discover the confused feline, renamed Rusty Bin, in a pet carrier outside reception at about 6:45am on September 2.

Speaking of the state that she found the cat in, Ms. Rickard said:

“It was just horrible. Everything was cold. She must have been there for a few hours” 

Since Dustys arrival at Gables Farm, her bowel movements have returned to normal and she has had no problems with using the litter tray. Whilst extremely underweight – weighing around  2.6kg, the equivalent of a 6 month old kitten – her health seems to be improving and the future looks bright for the unlucky feline.

Here at Tailster, we never condone abandonment of animals and would always encourage owners to take their animals to charities or shelters instead.

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