Carer Assistant App Updates: January 2019

Over the next 48 hours you’ll be able to download the updated Tailster Carer assistant app from the App store and Google Play Store (1.17.0)

What’s new?

This Carer Assistant App release mirrors the changes already released on the website earlier this year and is all about “My bookings”.

Carer Assistant App


We’ve added orange flags next to specific bookings to help highlight outstanding actions so that you don’t miss out on a booking on the Carer Assistant App.

Over the next two days, you’ll see your bookings will be grouped by status, e.g. ‘Live’, ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Complete’ making it easier to find a particular booking.

If you have a booking with an outstanding action such as “Awaiting your confirmation”, this will now be easier to spot, thanks to alerts at the top of the page and orange flags next to specific bookings.


For new Carers, the steps from bidding on a listing through to having a live booking isn’t always clear. That’s because unlike buying a TV online or an item of clothing, there’s often a back-and-forth between both parties. To help people understand which stage their booking is at, plus what happens next, we’ve introduced a timeline for each booking which you’ll find in the Carer Assistant App.

Carer Assistant App Timeline 1 Carer Assistant App Timeline 2 Carer Assistant App timeline 3

Service Records

We understand that getting paid is an essential part of using Tailster, and for new Carers the process of completing a “service record” isn’t always obvious on the Carer Assistant App. To help signpost people to the relevant pages we’ve added clear links within My Bookings, meaning you don’t have to go back and find the link through the dashboard.

Bug Fix

Lastly, a bug with the keyboard has been fixed for IOS on the Carer Assistant App so if you’ve had any issues with this then head to the App store and update or re-download now.

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