‘Britain’s most overlooked dog’ finds home after 7 years in rescues

Jed is a 7 year old Lurcher who was abandoned at Dog’s Trust when he was just 4 months old. Although he has been in and out of homes since then, he has never managed to find his forever family. 

Jed had been at Darlington Dog’s Trust for around seven years – which is almost 50 in dog years! The poor pup was given the title of ‘Britain’s most overlooked dog’ as it was estimated that around 14,000 potential owners did not choose him when visiting Dog’s Trust to find their perfect pet.

Luckily, all that waiting was worthwhile, for Jed finally found a home with Ian Woodcock and Elizabeth Marsh. They are delighted with how well Jed has settled in. Ian said, when asked about their new pet:

‘If dogs can have a sense of humour then Jed certainly has one, he is already very attached to my wife and I and he likes to be with us all of the time…We are really looking forward to the future with Jed, after so long without a home we can’t wait to make 2015 as special as possible for him.’

Here at Tailster we are overjoyed to see Jed so happy!


Source: Daily Mirror

Are you considering adopting a dog? Why not have a look on the Dog’s Trust website – although don’t forget to do your research first before committing to a new pet!


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