BGT Dog Matisse receives Death Threats

After wowing the Britain’s Got Talent 2015 judges and audience with amazing tricks, Matisse and owner Jules O’Dwyer won the ever popular competition much to voters’ delight.

That is until it was revealed that the impressing tightrope stunt was actually performed by a doggy stunt double, another of Jules O’Dwyers dogs – Chase. Having not told the public of the doggy stunt double the voting public went into outrage and Ofcom received copious amounts of complaints, with even Simon Cowell himself saying he “felt like an idiot”.


There’s been mixed publicity about the event but the saddest thing to see from the public is that many have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration and Matisse the dog has now received death threats.

Jules is now extremely cautious about leaving her dogs on their own or with others. As dog lovers here at Tailster we find this very upsetting (and a little silly) and are unsure how some people can think like this – even when they have voted for the stunt dog in the first place. The stunts of all three dogs in the act were amazing.  A dog, whichever one it was, still did all the amazing tricks and stunts. Does it matter whether it was Matisse or Chase or Skippy?


Rumor has it that Jules did actually say in her first audition that she had a team of dogs which was then cut for final viewing.

What’s your view? Should they be able to still perform at the Royal Variety and benefit from the £250,000 prize money? Have the Twitter users been a bit over the top with regards to death threats? Join the conversation below.

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