BBQ Dangers for Dogs

Around the world, more people own dogs than any other kind of animal and it is normal for them to be included in our events, celebrations and daily activities. However, many of these occasions can be hazardous for pets. A summer BBQ should be something enjoyed by all but for our dogs they can produce many risks of injuries, illnesses and even fatalities which, in the majority, can be prevented with a little common sense.
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The risks dogs face at a BBQ are vast and range from their tail being trapped in a patio door, to swallowing kebab skewers, developing food poisoning or being burnt. When your dog is injured, you could be looking at thousands of pounds in veterinary fees as well as the stress, worry and concern involved in having a poorly dog. Not exactly the way you want to spend your summer.

Tips to Keep Them Safe Around BBQ’s

Remember, Human Food is NOT Dog Food:
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It can be very tempting to offer your dog something off your plate, for guests to do the same or for a mischievous pup to simply help themselves. Foods that are safe for human consumption are not always so for our canine friends; especially things such as corn on the cob and bones, which are particularly dangerous for your pet. Foods that are high in fat can cause the pancreas to inflame (pancreatitis) which is a very serious disease than can often prove fatal. If you don’t want your dog to feel left out, bring a bag of his favourite treats outside and allow your dog to show off a bit, if they want to, rewarding them with treats so they feel part of the action!

Establish Boundaries:
As much as we want to involve our dogs in the celebrations at a BBQ, dogs need boundaries for their own protection. It’s probably only natural that if you have guests around for a barbeque, your dog will be more excited with the new people to sniff, but if your dog is not the sociable type, it may be best for you to find a nice quiet place for him to retreat too, in case it all gets too much.

Pet-proof your garden: shutterstock 39704332 boywithkleekai
Trampoline accidents for dogs are increasing and are highly unlikely to be covered by your pet insurance, so it’s best to fence off or zip up the trampoline to stop your pet from exploring this. Similarly, check there’s no way your furry friend can access greenhouses, which may contain insect repellents, pesticides and weed killers.

Don’t Give Them Bones:
Bones are often given to dogs to gnaw on but if they are not bought from a pet store and considered safe for the dog then they can cause many internal problems. This is because bones can easily shatter; they are a choking hazard and can cause many injuries, as the splinters can become lodged or even puncture a dog’s internal organs.

As long as you have a large enough garden, and remember the above advice, your faithful friend should be able to have a blast at your summer BBQ!

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