Animal rights group return stolen puppy!

You may have heard in the news recently the story of animal rights activists in Paris who forcibly stole a homeless man’s puppy.


Cause Animale Nord, the outspoken animal rights group from Northern France, snatched the dog form the homeless man in the centre of Paris. The incident was caught on camera, and uploaded to Facebook where it was viewed millions of times.

More than 240,000 people from across the world signed a petition calling for an investigation into the horrifying incident.

In a web post, the animal rights group said, “We intervened because it was an urgent situation for the animal. The puppy was stunned, had dilated pupils and was staggering around.  We took (the dog) away from a Roma who was using it for begging. The police don’t do anything, we act.”

The group were heavily criticised after renaming the dog ‘Vegan’ and later putting it up for adoption for 175 Euro.

A man from the animal rights group was questioned by police, and was released provided he returned the dog from its foster family to the owner – who did, in fact, have all necessary paperwork which meant he legally owned the dog.

This is a happy ending to a very tragic story – we wish the puppy and his owner the best of luck for the future!

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Story via The Telegraph, images via Buzzfeed

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