A Look At The Life Of Meghan And Harry’s New Dog

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly welcomed a new dog into the fold, here’s a look at the luxurious life that the pup has ahead of them…

The couple are thought to have adopted the Labrador as company for their existing dog, Guy, who made the big move from the US with Meghan earlier this year.

Having reportedly made good friends with the Queen and her Corgis, it is hoped that the new addition will integrate just as well and become a valued member of the Royal Family.

As renowned dog lovers, the Royal Family give their dogs a life of luxury, and the same will surely be true for the Duke and Duchess’ new arrival.

In honour of the new royal dog, here are just some of the luxuries that they have to look forward to:

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Private Living Quarters

Whilst the majority of dogs across the country settle for a modest bed tucked away in the corner of the lounge or kitchen, royal dogs have a whole other way fo life.

Not only do they have free reign of the palace, they also have their own room (!!) – dubbed ‘The Corgi Room’ – which is theirs and theirs alone. In their quarters, they sleep in raised wicker beds and have the sheets changed daily!

If only we had that luxury…

Deluxe (Dog) Dinners

It’s difficult to imagine the Queen scouring the pet food aisle in the supermarket – and, well, she doesn’t…

According to Brian Hoey’s ‘Pets by Royal Appointment’, dogs in the palace are fed a diet of the finest chicken, rabbit and fillet steak, all expertly prepared by skilled chefs.

They are fed daily at 5pm and, if rumours are to be believed, her majesty herself often finishes off serving the dinners with a drizzle of gravy!

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Regal Rambles

Every dog likes a good walk and royal dogs are no exception.

At the palace, the dogs get two walks each day – once in the morning, accompanied by a footman, and another after lunch around the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

As devoted a dog owner as any of us, when the Queen is around she accompanies the dogs on their second walk herself, highlighting the special bond that they share.

A Fitting Send Off

Earlier this year, the Queen was forced to have her last Corgi, Willow, put down, after she was believed to be suffering from an aggressive form of cancer. In fact, Meghan and Harry’s Beagle, Guy, is said to have helped her majesty through this tough time.

All royal dogs that pass away are buried at the ‘royal dogs cemetery’ on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, a site that was first used following the death of Queen Victoria’s Collie, Noble.

The Queen commissions gravestones for each of her dogs, ensuring that their memory remains even after they are gone.

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