8 Signs Your Cat Loves You

As a nation of pet lovers, we dote on our beloved pets in unimaginable ways. But the question always remains: ‘Do our pets love us too?’

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Despite their aloof stereotype, cats are far more attached to their owners than one might believe. Unlike dogs, felines choose to display their love in subtle ways and, if you choose to read these signs, you can easily strengthen the bond between you and your cat…

So, what signs should I look out for?

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1. Eye Contact And Slow Blinking

Eye contact means a lot in the world of felines, and domestic cats use this as a way of communicating with their owners too. A cat will stare and slowly blink to show love and trust towards their owner. To a cat, this is the equivalent to a human kiss, so feel flattered if your kitty exchanges this gesture with you.

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2. Displaying Their Tummy

Cats will only display their stomach when they feel entirely comfortable. If you are stroking your cat and they roll on their back to do this, your kitty completely trusts you and is trying to show this. In the wild, this position deems a cat completely defenceless, and the same is true for domestic cats.

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3. A Curved Tip Of Their Tail

Tail positions and movements communicate a lot about how a cat is feeling. One particular position indicates a cat is happy in your presence and completely at ease. If you notice your cat’s tail is held high with a curved end, you’re a lucky owner.

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4. Nipping Your Skin

You may have noticed your cat nipping at your fingers or other areas from time-to-time. For most cat owners, this behaviour can actually inflict pain – feline teeth are sharp after all! But, did you know your cat is actually giving you a love bite? That’s right, this is another way that kittys show love…

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5. Purring

A purr is probably the most recognised way a cat shows they’re happy, but if your feline purrs in your presence it’s a sure sign of an expression of love for you.

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6. Following You Around 

Even if your cat isn’t a huge fan of being petted, if they tend to follow you around your humble abode from room to room this should be read as a huge compliment! Your feline loves spending time with you!

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7. Head Butting

One of the more peculiar behaviours a cat demonstrates to display love is head butting. Felines do this due to scent glands located in their cheeks and head and, when a cat chooses to head butt you, they are claiming you as part of their family.

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8. Bringing gifts home for you 

When a cat wants to show their owner some love, they’ll often present them with gifts in the form of dead rodents they’ve hunted outside or toys they’ve picked up at home. Any gift is a good one when it’s from your cat!

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