10 Bunny Fun Facts That Are Too Cute to Handle!

Fun bunny facts. Bunny fun facts. Funny bunny facts. Bunny funny … you get the idea. While I can’t think of any other ways to say it, I can tell you ten facts about bunnies that will probably leave you squealing with delight because they’re just so adorable!

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WARNING: This article contains extremely high levels of cute.


Bunnies naturally live in groups.

This is probably where we get the terms ‘cuddle buns’ and ‘snuggle bunny’ from.

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Image: Pexels

Bunnies burrow.

A group of wild burrows is called a warren. Warrens have bunny rooms for nesting and snuggles—aww!


Baby bunnies are called kittens.

You can call them ‘kits’ if you want to!


When they’re happy, bunnies binky.

Sometimes bunnies literally run and throw their (back) paws up in the air when they’re really feeling the love. Binkying is a sign of utter bunny joy.


Source: BunnyPigiShow, YouTube

When they’re happy but not binky-level happy, they purr.

Kittens, purring … when is a cat not a cat? When it’s a bunny.


Bunnies eat their own poop.

It’s not gross: bunny poop is nutritious. Bunny droppings even have their own name—cecotropes. Cute, right?


Bunnies don’t like baths.


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Image: Pexels


Okay, eating their own poop and not bathing may make bunnies sound unhygienic, but they’re actually super clean animals, which is why they don’t normally need baths (unless specially instructed by the vet)!

Bunnies get bored.

But they love to play with toys, other bunnies and their loving bunny mums and dads. Bonus fact: bunnies’ teeth never stop growing, so chew toys keep them healthy and beat bunny boredom!

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Image: Pexels

Bunnies are really tough.

In the wild, bunnies are natural prey, so they try not to show they’re in pain even when they’re hurt. Left to her own devices, a bunny will just try to tough it out.


Bunnies are crepuscular.

This means they’re most active at dawn and dusk. Who wouldn’t want to watch the sun rise and set with a fluffy little bunny friend by their side?


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