A woman has been convicted of 11 offences after authorities found her keeping 23 caged cats and dogs at her property in Slough.

Teresa Reynolds, 55, was found guilty of failing to ensure the animals' welfare, after Reading Magistrates' Court heard that council officers were met with appalling conditions when visiting the home.

© Slough Borough Council

Among Miss. Reynold's listed failings were faeces spread across the floor of several rooms, many of the cats and dogs kept in inadequate cages with no water and, most shockingly, two dead puppies found in a bin outdoors. 

According to Slough Borough Council officer Ian Blake, complaints regarding Miss. Reynolds and her animals dated back to 2010.

Providing evidence at the trial, he told the court how 16 of the dogs were inside dirty cages that were "too small", often in pairs, whilst the remaining animals were kept outside of the property. The only clean crate, he testified, was empty.

© Slough Borough Council

He also noted the strong smell of urine and faeces that pervaded from the property.

Most harrowingly, the court heard that two dead puppies were found in a wheelie bin outside of the property, which, according to Miss. Reynolds, died after their mother passed and she was unable to feed them.

Judge Sophie Toms told Reynolds:

"Your house was overrun with animals, many were in cages and clearly all had been there for some time."

© Slough Borough Council

She will be sentenced on 23 July.

We at Tailster totally condemn the deplorable conditions that Miss. Reynolds kept her animals in. Animal charities have recently noted an increase in neglected pets in recent months, pleading with owners to take the animals to shelters or charities as opposed to simply abandoning them.

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