Here at Tailster we're always on the look out for great new products and we've found a great bit of pet tech swag you'll love.

We're lucky enough to be able to GIVEAWAY not 1, but 4(!) of these new Motorola Scout Traks GPS location and activity monitors - a great little Christmas present to yourself!

Ever been worried about your dog escaping the garden or getting lost on a walk, getting enough exercise or just curious about where it goes.  The Traks GPS device combines a high sensitive GPS receiver with an accelerometer and SIM card. This enables pet owners to do the following:

Monitor Your Pet's Activity

The device also has an accelerometer, giving you an accurate feedback on your dogs(1) activity levels. This can be used to set exercise goals, regulate diet and ensure your pup stays healthy and happy. Help keep them healthy with activity monitoring to ensure they get the amount of exercise they need. Accelerometer data gives owners feedback on activity with in-app breed advice.

Temperature Alerts

With the SCOUT TRAKS you can ensure they are a comfortable temperature with the push notifications. Push notifications are sent if the thermometer alerts the owner that the temperature is too hot or too cold. Dogproof. Built to withstand doglife. Chewproof, pawproof, IP67 waterproof.

Never Lose Your Pet with GPS Tracking

Never lose them again with GPS tracking, know if they wander off with Geo Fencing technology. A push notification alert will be sent if the invisible Geo Fence escape alert boundary is breached.

This device literally does everything!

Lastly, it holds a 500m/ah battery giving one to three days record and transmit depending on usage and is suitable for dogs over 8kg.



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