Why Do Cats Meow At Us?

For all you cat parents out there that spend hours asking their feline friends “why are you meowing at me?”, this article is for you!

The Ancient Egyptians worshipped these curious creatures, and for good reason too… Whilst we’ll never be able to fully understand cats, the science of the meow has revealed that some of your cats vocalisations have a definite meaning behind them!

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Decoding The Meow

Cats meow for a number of different reasons and, whilst some of them may completely surprise you, other reasons are no different to our own human way of communicating. So, if you’re ready to decode your cat’s talk, read on:

Hunger – Have you noticed that your cat is particularly vocal in the morning? Well, your friend feels hungry just like you, and by meowing at their human parents they are simply asking to be fed! This type of meow can be quite repetitive, at a mid-pitch, and is generally accompanied by them rubbing their bodies up against us.

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Greeting – Your cat is simply saying hello! Whilst a lot of cats meow to greet their owners, some make more of a chirp-like noise. These greetings are generally short and high-pitched, and totally cute too. ADORABLE!

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Seeking attention – Cats are stereotyped as individual souls and, although this is largely true, kitties also crave attention too! Expect to hear meows when your cat requires cuddles and snuggles. This type of meow is generally drawn out.

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Stress – Sometimes a meow can be for a negative reason too. Cats that are stressed will vocalise this and, similarly, if their routine is changed or they’re an indoor cat and have moved into a new home, expect to hear confused meows that reflect a sense of stress. You can help your cat destress by giving plenty of reassuring strokes and cuddles, and consider investing in a spray or diffuser that releases pheromones to help your cat relax. Low pitch meows that are repetitive may indicate that your cat is feeling unhappy.

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Illness – Be aware that, if your cat is meowing and sounds like they’re in pain or distress, it’s best to take them to a vet immediately. Cats can have a number of  different health issues throughout their lives, and their best way of asking for help is by alerting you that something is wrong. This type of vocal alert can sound shaky, and be low-pitched or even quiet. Any unusual meowing should always be investigated.

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We hope this article has helped you understand your cat’s vocal behaviour better. If you’re a carer, hopefully the above points will help you along the way when caring for a feline that isn’t your own. If you’re passionate about caring for cats, join our site as a carer, where you’ll have access to a wide number of jobs in your local area!

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