Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

If you have a cat that lives predominantly outdoors, it’s likely that you’ve no idea what they’re spending the majority of their time doing – and that’s completely normal and absolutely nothing that you should worry about.

Whilst it’s only natural to be concerned about what they’re up to, it’s easy to become overcome with anxiety, spending the day full of nerves until they finally return home.

Yes, there are dangers out there, but there are also practices that are completely common that overprotective owners can often worry about which are completely normal…

Owners of outdoor cats will likely come across their animals eating grass, but what does this behaviour mean, and should it be a cause for concern?

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Well, no, it really shouldn’t.

It’s completely normal for cats to eat grass – in fact, more than anything it can be good for them! Yes, it makes them sick, but it can ultimately be a positive thing.

When cats eat grass they’re probably trying to remedy one of a few possible issues that are completely common and will more than likely fix themselves.

Here are some of the main reasons that cats will eat grass:

Stomach Upsets

One of the most common reasons that cats will eat grass is to rid their digestive tract of unpleasant or inedible foods.

Whilst this may be a response to food that they have been fed by you, it could also help them to rid their system of substances that they have consumed whilst outdoors, including parts of prey that they cannot digest.

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Another foreign substance that they frequently eat grass to rid themselves of is…


Cats vomit up the majority of hairballs, but a select few make their way through the intestinal tract and don’t pass through the other side so easily.

Consequently, cats are smart enough to make the connection between the fibre in grass and their toilet habits, using it as a lubricant to help the hairballs pass through.

Yeah, they’re that smart!

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Nutritional Benefits

This one is a little far out, but there could be something in it…

When cats hunt prey, they usually do it in search of the contents of their stomach – which, in the instance of mice, for example, is predominantly grass. Therefore, some people think that cats choose to eat grass as a shortcut that eliminates the need to hunt for and catch prey.

Whatever the reason, if your cat’s eating grass it’s nothing to worry about, they’re just being proactive and tending to their needs.

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