In terms of their lists of demands, cats are seen as the easier pet compared with dogs, requiring far less attention and being quite happy left to their own devices.

Whereas dogs love nothing more than a long walk followed by a lengthy cuddle, cats are happy to sleep for 3/4 of the day, spending the rest of their time mooching around and getting up to general mischief.

It seems, however, that this isn't necessarily true of all cats...

Tigger the cat loves nothing more than to sit in his grandad's lap for a good 30 minutes every morning before he heads off for work.

Ruling the household, Tigger was adopted by the Faith Linderman after being found under a truck in a car park around ten years ago.

Baby boy Tigger, has to lay like this for at least 30 minutes before dad goes to work for the day. Spoiled from r/aww

Returning home with Ms. Linderman, Tigger soon took a liking to his new home - particularly his new grandfather!

The two have such a special bond that Tigger demands to be cuddled for at least 30 minutes every morning before his grandad heads off to work.

Just to prove Tigger always sits right here, just like that. Here is another photo from a month ago. from r/aww

Posting an adorable photo of the cat and his owner on Reddit, the caption read:

"Baby boy Tigger, has to lay like this for at least 30 minutes before dad goes to work for the day. Spoiled"

We have to say, we love Tigger's relationship with his new family - we'd do anything to get our hands on a cat like that!

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