A grieving pet owner is warning other dog walkers to keep a close eye on their pets when walking on beaches after several dogs have been poisoned.

Mike Hamilton took his dogs Hattie and Bramble for a walk to a beach in Norfolk just after Christmas.  Both dogs had been picking up and eating bits of washed-up fish, while his other dogs played in the sea. On the walk back to the car, Hattie the four-year-old retriever started vomiting, which Mike initially blamed on her swallowing seawater. But just an hour later, he found Hattie dead in the back of the car after driving home.

"What we found so distressing was the speed we lost Hattie - that was really shocking," he said.

Bramble also became seriously ill. He has received antibiotics and rehydration treatment.

Another dog fell ill in a separate incident after eating a flatfish on Holkham beach, also in Norfolk.

Marine experts have said that Sea life including star fish as well as debris were washed up on beaches in Britain by the Atlantic Drift from tropical waters after storm Eleanor.

In response to the dog poisonings the Environment Agency is conducting water quality tests.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust advised dog walkers to keep pets under "close supervision".

It warned dogs should not "eat anything washed up on the shore, as some dead animals can be toxic".

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