Warning Issued As Cats Fall From Open Windows

With summer in full swing across the UK, vets are warning of the dangers that open windows pose to cats, as they are at risk of falling and suffering life-threatening injuries.

The warning comes after a kitten in London has suffered life-threatening injuries as she plunged from a second-storey window. Zana, who was taken to the Blue Cross animal charity in Victoria, London, was treated for a shattered back leg, requiring intricate surgery using metal rods to knit the bone back together.

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© Blue Cross

The warning comes as temperatures hit unusually high peaks across the UK, resulting in owners desperately trying to cool down their homes. As cats are notorious for not being able to recognise glass, vets are warning that open windows pose a particular danger as they may not identify the risk.

The Blue Cross, along with other animal charities, are now warning that there could be a dramatic increase of cats suffering potentially fatal injuries as a result of falling from open windows and balconies.

Speaking of the danger of cats falling from open windows and balconies, senior veterinary surgeon Alison Thomas has said:

“Every year we remind owners about the dangers of cats falling from windows and balconies. 

Like Zana, fall victims are often very young, experiencing their first summer and are curious to see a window or door open for the first time.

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© Blue Cross

Young cats often lose their footing and fall which can lead to devastating injuries, and older cats often fall when sleeping on a window ledge or balcony.”

The charity are advising owners to keep their pets safe by opting for tip-and-tilt windows, or installing screens/netting across their balconies. Here’s our guide to keeping your home cool during the summer months.

Sadly, Zana has been left with the Blue Cross, after her original owners decided that treatment was too expensive. She is expected to be put up for adoption after making a full recovery.

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