Victory As Lucy’s Law Is PASSED… In Australia

Earlier in the year, we reported that MPs in the UK were set to consider legislation that would prevent the sales of puppies from pet shops and third party sellers, in the hope of preventing premature separation from their mothers.

Dubbed ‘Lucy’s Law’, the proposal is named after Lucy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was abused on a Welsh puppy farm for several years. When adopted in March 2013, she weighed only 3.5kg, had multiple bald patches, and discoloured legs and feet from urine and faeces. She also had multiple health problems from her traumatic experience, which required vet attention.

Sadly, Lucy passed away in December 2016 after a short illness, but ‘Lucy’s Law’ will ensure that her legacy lives on, and her struggles won’t have been for nothing.

And the good news is, the legislation has been passed… in Australia!

Dubbed ‘Oscar’s Law’, the initiative is named after the stud dog who spent five years in an Australian puppy farm. Consequently, pet shops in Australia are now unable to sell puppies raised on puppy farms.

Whilst the similar law is yet to be passed in the UK, it is hoped that similar laws will be implemented globally and help prevent the widespread mistreatment common in puppy farms.

Speaking of the campaigns triumph, leader Debra Tranter has said:

“It’s been an incredibly long and difficult battle but it’s so satisfying that we achieved what we set out to do

The industry fought us every step of the way but they didn’t count on the strength of the public who were relentless and unwavering in demanding this change and who made the politicians sit up and listen.

Daily Mirror campaign for Lucys Law which will attempt to put a stop to puppy farming

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The ban on the sale of animals in pet shops ensures that puppy factories no longer have retail outlets to hide behind.

“Pet shops will now work with rescue groups to hold adoption days and showcase how awesome rescue pets are.”

Public consultation on Lucy’s Law closed on May 2, with the Government expected to respond at some point during the summer. Environment Secretary Michael Gove has expressed hope that the legislation will be passed soon thereafter.

‘Lucy’s Law’ would be one in a series of new legislation set to be considered by MPs, including ‘Finn’s Law’ which aims to protect police animals, as well as reconsiderations of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010.

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