Vet Issues Warning To Dog Walkers About Waterside Safety

Whilst out on a walk, we’re always one step ahead of our dogs, making sure that there’s nothing in their path that could potentially cause them harm.

Always on the lookout for shattered glass or leftover takeaway remains, it’s often the unsuspecting items that trip us up and pose a risk to our pups.

Hazards come in all shapes and forms, as often gets pointed out in extreme cases…

A vet in Australia has issued a warning to dog walkers after a lucky dog survived swallowing a 4cm fishing hook when walking by the waterside.

The Jack Russell x Maltese Terrier, named Tilla swallowed the potentially lethal hook while out on her daily walk in Brisbane.


© Albion Veterinary Surgery

Having been quickly rushed to the vets, emergency surgery was performed on the dog, in which the hook was completely removed from her stomach.

Whilst it is said to have been a close call, there was fortunately no damage to her internal organs, meaning she has made a full recovery.

Speaking of the incident, Head Surgeon of Albion Veterinary Surgery, Brisbane, said:

“When she swallowed the hook she was at significant risk of perforating her oesophagus, which could have caused damage to her lungs and prevent her from breathing, with an almost certain death.

It was a four centimetre hook and she’s a three kilo dog, so that means that most of her stomach was filled with hook.

For such a small, thoughtless thing to forget a fishing hook could have some really great ramifications on the environment and our ecosystem.”

It’s common for us to consider the dangers that walking near water presents to our dogs, but we often fail to recognise how unlikely perils could pose fatal consequences.

We’re just happy that Tilla pulled through and has made a full recovery.

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