Two Stone Cat Put On Life-Changing Diet

Give us a pet and we’ll treat them – we just can’t help ourselves. We’re feeders!

Well, not really – yes, we might indulge them a little too much, but, as the saying goes “everything in moderation… including moderation!” As long as we feed our pets a healthy diet and give them regular exercise, they’re likely stay in good shape.

It’s when we lose that balance, however, that things start spiralling out of control…

A morbidly obese cat, weighing a whopping TWO STONE, is heading towards a slimmer way of life thanks to a strict fat-busting diet.


© Natalie Schnarrs / SWNS

Bronson, the three year old tabby, was taken to the West Michigan Humane Society in May after his owner sadly passed away. At the time, he weighed two stone or 33lbs – more than double the weight of an average cat – and had a belly measuring 32 inches.

Volunteers at the shelter suspected that the cat had been overfed and kept indoors, with the lack of exercise contributing to his excessive weight.

Fortunately, Bronson has found a forever home, having been adopted by Mike Wilson, 35, and Megan Hannman, 29.The couple from Grand Rapids, Michigan, have placed the cat on a vet recommended diet, limiting his intake to 375 calories every day.

Since moving in with his new family, Bronson has already dropped 1.5lbs, and is becoming increasingly more active. He has almost completely conquered his kibble addiction, now opting for wet, grain-free, low-fat cat food.


© Natalie Schnarrs / SWNS

Speaking of his time so far with Bronson, Mr. Wilson has said:

“We don’t know a whole lot about Bronson’s past.

The shelter thinks his owner might have been an elderly person who wasn’t very mobile themselves and overfed him.

Our vet discovered that one of his teeth is broken and it needs to be pulled but right now he’s to heavy for anaesthetic to perform the operation safely.

We think this time next year he will have a much better quality of life. Of course, he would like to be eating more.

He’s not thrilled with the lifestyle changes but hopefully he’ll be happier when he can move around better in a few months.”


© Natalie Schnarrs / SWNS

Bronson is now happily loving life with his new family, including three other cats, and is working well towards his goal weight so that he can have the problematic tooth removed.

As well as getting his weight down for the operation, it’s also vital to allow him to take flea and tick medication, as his current weight prevents him from leaving the house.

We can’t wait to see the results of Bronson’s transformation!

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