It’s that time of year again - and we’ve compiled a list of our Top 20 Halloween Costumes for both cats and dogs!

20. Cat Sushi will never get old

19. Bull-shark? The teeth are great!

18. Nanananana… BATCAT

17. Puposaurus-rex is definitely a winner

16. This may well be the cutest bee we’ve ever seen!

15. Our favourite dessert?! A pup-nana split….

14. The real deal. The original. The Cat in The Hat.

13. This Koala-ty costume is adorable!

14. This Super Mario cat brings a touch of old school class to Halloween

13.  Simplistic yet grrrreat!

12. Scuba Steve - look at the flippers!

13. This tiny ballet princess pup melts our heart

12. If we didn’t love burgers already, we do now.

11. This is honestly the jackpot right here.

10. Sometimes, the minimum is all you need.

9. This guy is channeling his inner Monsters Inc!

8. Don’t panic! This little lobster is perfectly safe. And cute.

7. This small superhero is sure to save the day with that head tilt

6. I mean, he looks less than thrilled but… It’s still pretty cute, right?!

5. The eyebrows poking through make this.

4. A little beanie baby is a great idea

3. The cutest garden gnome you ever did see.

2. Johnny Depp, eat your heart out.

1. The Beauty & The Best footstool is an absolute winner for us - so clever!


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