Here at Tailster we're amazed to hear of nine-month-old Tiggy and how he somehow survived a 30-minute cycle in a washing machine - we just had to share it with you!

Poor Tiggy was pulled out of the machine drum by owner Rae Sutton, not breathing and motionless.

His shocked owner gave the cat mouth-to-mouth which helped him to start breathing again before they rushed him to the nearest vets.

Mrs Sutton said; "I thought I’d lost him, he was dead when I pulled him out, I was hysterical, I ran outside screaming before sitting down on the sofa with him in my arms.

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Then I saw his mouth drop open and I began to give him mouth-to-mouth, gently, while massaging his stomach. It went on for around 20 minutes. Then, all of a sudden, his stomach started going up an down. I went mad and called up John my husband and we went to the vets"

Amazingly, Tiggy returned home from the vets just THREE hours after the ordeal, being given an oxygen mask after initially waking up from his coma. He is now recovering at home from some bruising, swelling and head injuries with his 6 other cat siblings; Socks, Ozzy, Bella, Mitzie, Lucy and Jessy.

We wish you a speedy recovery Tiggy!

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