This Dog Is So Jealous Of Their Friend’s Ear Medicine

We’re all prone to a bit of jealousy whenever someone else gets something that we want. Heck, what makes them more deserving than us?!

Whether it’s attention, affection or a treat or two, we’re all guilty from time to time and – surprise surprise – our pets are just the same.

Whilst sometimes it’s totally warranted, in other instances it can be a little more trivial, which makes it even more hilarious…

This dog is so jealous of the fact that his friend’s getting ear medicine and he’s not – he just can’t help but make it totally clear that he wants some too!

In the video shared on Twitter, the dog, named Cache, can be seen sitting close by his friend as she gets her daily ear treatment, desperate to be blessed with the same luxury.

When their owner finishes administering the medicine to the first dog, Mr. Jealousy quickly steps in for his share of the action.

Having mastered the situation, their owner quickly replaced the cap on the bottle before repeating the process – minus the medicine – to Cache.

In the caption to the video, the dog’s owner said:

“my dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too.. nobody has the heart to tell him it’s pretend..”

Several Twitter users were quick to respond to the video – which has been shared over 250k times since September 11 – to express their admiration for the dogs.

Since the video went viral, the user has posted a further two videos of the dogs, including an adorable clip of Cache enjoying a foot rub.

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