As pet owners, we don't bring anything into our home without giving full consideration to the impact that it could have on our pets beforehand.

Whether it's just a quick change around or a full-blown redecoration, it's vital that our pets don't feel isolated and left out of the action - it's their home just as much as it is ours.

A far cry from knocking down walls and building fences, however, even the slightest faux pas can have considerable consequences...

Pet owners are being warned of the threat that lilies pose to cats after a young kitten died after being poisoned by the popular plant. 

Vets at Prospect House Veterinary Clinic, Colwyn Bay, have issued the warning following the death of a cat that was taken to the clinic when they became sick after ingesting part of the flower.

Suffering acute kidney failure and later dying, the warning highlights just how poisonous lilies can be for cats, with the practice urging pet owners to keep them out of their homes completely.

Whilst there are treatments available, it is vital that they are sought immediately following any incident, otherwise the consequences could prove fatal.

Writing on social media about the effects of lilies on cats, the clinic said:

"[Lilies] are extremely toxic to cats, and only a small amount either licked or eaten, can cause kidney failure and death.

Unfortunately no warnings are ever displayed where these flowers are purchased, and many well intended purchasers are unaware of their dangers."

Symptoms Of Poisoning In Cats Include:

If you do suspect that your cat has ingested a toxic substance, we'd always advise seeking veterinary attention immediately.

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