This Cat Has Gone Viral For Her Incredible Swimming Skills

We love nothing more than an afternoon out with our pets and, during the summer months especially, we take them with us everywhere that we can!

Whilst some animals run amok when they’re out and about, taking them out is a great chance for them to socialise and ultimately an opportunity to better their behaviour when you’re out and about.

And, sometimes, you might even discover some of their hidden talents…

This talented cat has gone viral after impressing social media followers with her amazing swimming skills!

Nathan, the one year old female cat, first visited the beach in Queensland, Australia, at the age of just 11 weeks old. After a year’s worth of training, however, she can now swim like a pro.

Nathan’s owners, Melissa and her partner Rian, have made the cat her own social media profiles, where she has since acquired quite a following.

Having been adopted from the RSPCA Queensland, Nathan is now an ambassador for the charity, promoting not only the ‘adopt don’t shop’ message, but also the amazing things that animals can achieve when given a second shot at life.

Here are some of our favourite moments from Nathan’s social media:

You can find Nathan on Facebook and Instagram.

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