This Cat Has An Unlikely Friendship… With A Chicken

It’s often the most unlikely of friendships that end up the strongest – when you’re thrown together with someone, you’ve pretty much no choice but to get along!

We recently reported on a dog in India, who dutifully sat by the grave of his calf best friend long after the animal had been buried, and now another unusual animal friendship has come to light…

A cat and a chicken have become the best of friends after banding together for safety and support during raging fires in the city of Sacramento.

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The unlikely duo were picked up by the Grass Valley Fire Service, who were working to tame fires in the suburb of Redding when they came across the animals huddled together in the doorway of a domestic residence.

It turns out that the lucky pair had survived one of the most devastating fires in the region in recent years, sticking together for both support and safety.

Although both animals suffered burns that will require treatment, the responding authorities managed to provide them with fresh water as firefighters figured a way to get the pair to safety.

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Despite being hesitant, firefighters managed to lure the duo into an animal carrier, where they remained together as they fled the scene. They are now being nursed back to health by the SPCA.

The couple are said to be in good health and are expected to make a full recovery.

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