So, selfies are a huge phenomenon – more than 1 million selfies are taken each day! That’s a lot! And let’s face it…they are starting to get  a bit old and boring. So why not join the latest selfie craze: the animal selfie!! They are so much more fun! And of course, dogs take the BEST selfies! So, get your pooch and start practicing! Here are some tips:

  The high 5 technique

1. Teach your dog to high 5! It’s really not that hard, it’s all about treats and repetition.

2. Get your dog to look straight into the camera – now this can be a bit trickier. You can ask someone to wave a treat just above the camera or, if you’re using an iphone, you can play some bark noises and see if that attracts your dog’s attention. It’s also fine if your dog is kind of looking somewhere else…humans do that “looking over the horizon” look a lot.

3. Ask your dog for a high 5. Make sure his/her arm in stretched out to the front and in frame, but the actual paw should be out of the frame (so that it looks like the dog is holding the camera).

4. And voilà! You’ll have loads of awesome dog selfies in no time!

Molly - she's a contestant in Tailster's selfie competition. She's a high 5 technique master
Molly – she’s a contestant in Tailster’s selfie competition. She’s a high 5 technique master

The touch screen technique (potentially a bit messy)

1. Teach the nose- poke! Start by teaching your dog to touch the screen with his/her nose. You can practice some nose poking on the palm of your hand first, and then move on to nose poking the actual screen. Reward your dog with a treat or a click every time he/she touches the hand/screen with the nose. If you put your phone inside a plastic bag and then smear some peanut butter or similar treat on it, it might help your pooch to get the idea quicker.

2. Consolidate this trick and loose the peanut butter and the bag (or keep the phone inside the plastic bag if you’re getting a bit nervous about leaving the fate of your iphone to your dog).

3. Get the Big Camera Button app, which means your dog can tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo.

4. Ta-da! your dog has just taken a series of amazing selfies!!

One of the Tailster selfie competition contestants - screen touch technique master
One of the Tailster selfie competition contestants – screen touch technique master

Now get creative and show us your awesome dog selfies! You can also take a joint selfie with your pooch. We would love to see your creations! Share your selfies with us on our Facebook page  and Twitter. You can even use your dog’s new skill to win amazing prizes with the Tailster Selfie Competition! What are you waiting for? Join the dog selfie craze!

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