Different Dog is on a mission to change dog's lives with real food. Food that's good enough for us to eat! We tested out the range of their real dog food on our reliable taste testers in the office (and our CEO) to see what they made of it...

different dog

About Different Dog

Different Dog are a UK based family business proving it is possible to provide your dog with the very best, fresh and gently cooked dog food. All meals are made by hand in small batches, nutritionally balanced by their very own vet and pet nutritionist, packed full of flavour and delivered frozen to your door. They also regularly create new, seasonal recipes so it's the perfect option for even your fussiest pooch!

First impressions

The food arrives in a box full of Different Dog pots and treats all addressed to Rocket and Wilma. Very good start, our dogs' self importance means they love receiving their own post! Different Dog delivers their food frozen and once defrosted the food can last five days in the fridge. It looks surprisingly edible and stew-like. Our CEO even gave it a taste.

Different Dog's ethos is all around locking in the goodness of the natural ingredients they select. The gentle cooking process preserves the vitamins and minerals naturally found in those ingredients. This means the food is packed full of nutrients and much fresher than your standard dry kibble with no sell by date. Different Dog were kind enough to send us a variety of flavours included Muddy Paws, Braised Beef and Chicken Casserole. It was hard to say who preferred which flavour... But it didn't last long!

Why choose Different Dog?

Different Dog was set up to change dog's lives with real food, and they constantly hear from their customers that they are achieving this. Essentially, Different Dog makes home made cooking for your dog possible even for the busiest of us. Just take a pot out of the freezer the night before and serve in the morning. If you're feeling fancy, you can always heat the food up although since it's already been through the gentle cooking process any microbiological risks that might be associated with uncooked food have been removed. If you're thinking of feeding your dog a fresher diet, this real dog food is an excellent pain-free option. No need to slave away in the kitchen when they make it so easy for you!

Want to try Different Dog for yourself? 

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different dog

Wilma's face perfectly sums up our dog's feelings towards this nutrient packed food!

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