Tailster recommends... Beco food for dogs

BeCo Pets - Product Shoot 16.05.16

       * Ethically & sustainably sourced

       * Fresh meat & fish only

       * Meat-meal-free, grain-free, derivatives-free

       * Human-grade ingredients

Here at Tailster, we pride ourselves on providing only the very best support services for you and your pets – and we’re also always on the look-out for other trusted companies who share our values and do the same.

We’ve found an amazing dog food brand that we highly recommend you try. It’s made by a fantastic company that takes pets’ welfare super-seriously, and their food is natural, ethically and sustainably sourced, and also grain-free, containing human-grade ingredients that add up to a much healthier diet for your dog.
Beco Pets is a British company producing eco-friendly pet products and accessories that are better for the environment as well as being better for your pet.

Long-lasting, durable and fun, Beco’s wider range covers all four main life activities of dogs and cats – ‘Fetch’, ‘Eat’, ‘Poop’ and ‘Sleep’, namely toys, bowls, poop bags, beds and much more. Beco’s award-winning bowls (of which they’ve sold over 2 million) are popular in 43 countries. Beco use bamboo off-cuts, discarded rice husks and recycled used plastic soda bottles, and their toys, like bones, are made from 100% natural rubber and carry a lifetime guarantee. All their products are designed here in the UK.

But it’s their Food for Dogs that wins our star prize!BeCo Pets - Product Shoot 16.05.16
We’re collaborating with Beco Pets because we really rate the care and attention they put into their food. Cooked here using British ingredients, it has only fresh meat, and no nasty meat meal in it. Its ingredients are all farmed as close to home as possible. And even the packaging they use is fully compostable. As a company, Beco also gives back five per cent of its profits to animal and environmental projects.

The premium food brand comes in three recipes, (1) free-range chicken with kale and chicory, (2) sustainably caught cod and haddock with kale and chickpeas, and (3) wild boar with broccoli and pumpkin. Sounds yummy!

EthicalAward - High ResBeco Pets are also incredibly proud to also be the first British pet food brand to use sustainably caught fish certified by one of the world’s leading oceans watchdogs, The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

We’d love to hear what you think of this eco-conscious food for dogs, a pioneering range Beco Pets describe as better for your pet and better for the environment.


What's even better - 5 lucky dog owners can win 1 months worth of Beco Dog Food!


  • Beco Food for Dogs comes in 2kg and 8kg boxes. 2kg prices are: Wild Boar RRP £16.49; MSC Cod and Haddock RRP £14.99; Free Range Chicken RRP £14.99.  8kg prices are: Wild Boar RRP £59.99; MSC Cod and Haddock RRP £53.99; Free Range Chicken RRP £53.99. For more details, see www.becopets.com.


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