Tailster Pet Spotlight: Meet Duke!

The boring bits

Name: Duke aka: aka Dukeface aka Dukington aka Poopington aka Duky aka Ducky aka Friend.
Job Title: Cheif Wagologist
Age: 3 on September 1st (he has a cake on order!)
Breed: Um.. nobody actually knows! We think a GSP (german shorthaired pointer cross - but it could be anything! I’d actually love to hear anyone's suggestions if they have any??

The fun bits

Likes: FOOD. Any kind of food! But peanut butter, carrot and raw bones are his treats of choice. Squeaky toys (the noisier the better much to his humans annoyance) and long walks - being such a big lump (at 32kg!) means Duke needs plenty of exercise to keep him lean and not barrelling around the house like a looney! Our Tailster dog walker does a fantastic job of taking him on very long walks with her little pack to tire him out when i’m busy in the office here at Tailster HQ.

Dislikes: Some unfamiliar men.. Due to Duke’s background they can make him a bit skittish which leads to lots of loud barking - poor guy! Being told to get down from the sofa, and waiting too long for his breakfast and dinner to be provided.

Dukes Story

In the beginning, when Duke was just a tiny baby dog on the streets of Valencia, Spain he was picked up by the dog catchers and impounded to Hellin Perrera which is a kill shelter. There he stayed on the list to be euthanized until a wonderful UK charity who have contacts in Spain spotted him and paid to release him and put him in foster care until he was fit and healthy enough to come to the UK to be rehomed. Duke had, unfortunately, contracted parvo and was very poorly for a while. He then arrived in the UK a couple of months later.

After losing my first ever dog and best friend, Max, I decided one day to visit a rescue “just to have a look”. I looked around and had my eye on this tiny sausage dog cross but as I went to enquire, someone had reserved her! In the kennel next door was a little skinny Duke trying to climb up to the door to say hi. I put my fingers through the bars to let him have a sniff and have his nose a little boop! A lady from the rescue asked me if i’d like to take him for a walk as he was due to go out anyway so i said of course! And the rest… well the rest is history. As soon as we got him outside he was such a kind, sweet, gentle soul. I gave him a hug, he smiled and that was the end of his kennel days. I went to pay a deposit there and then.

We’ve come a long way - overcoming fears and forming an incredible bond. Duke has done soo well and I couldn’t be a prouder pet-parent! He tackles the busy London tube with confidence, has adapted to our new house move so quickly and I promise he enjoys all the cuddles, treats and walks you could imagine!

Anyone that knows Duke will tell you he is the sweetest, most affectionate soul you will ever come across - I can’t thank that lady at the rescue enough. #adoptdontshop

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