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This little lady’s maternity shoot will make you beyond jealous – they’re perfect!

Pregnant dog, Lilica from Brazil, posed for some beautiful maternity photo’s just one day before giving birth to five healthy puppies! Four boys and one girl. All puppies have since been adopted by family and friends of the glowing mums owner!

Sporting a fuschia flower necklace (complete with rhinestones!), the happy mum to be posed comfortably in front of the camera showing off her heavily pregnant belly.

Photographer Ana Paula Grillo has had experience shooting various animals and kids etc. but this was a first for a pet maternity photo opportunity. After seeing some online with humans, Ana thought her neighbours pregnant pinscher mix would be the most perfect subject for her next selection of photos. She told Mashable “I saw her big belly and I thought, this is it.”

Lillica was such a natural, Ana decided not to edit the photos apart from a little colour correction.

Congratulations to the new mum on her healthy little pack!


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Meet Loki: the beautiful Husky who won the Tailster Selfie Competition

Remember our Tailster Selfie competition? We asked dog owners to submit a selfie of their dogs as if the dogs had taken it themselves. We received some really cool and amazing entries, all extremely creative and fun. Choosing a winner was hard, but it had to be done…and we now want you to meet Loki: the beautiful Husky who won the Tailster Selfie Competition.


Loki won a professional photo shoot with top pet photographer Bridget Davey, and here is the result:


Isn’t he gorgeous? Congratulations to Loki and owner Naomi for winning, and also a massive thanks to Bridget Davey for taking such stunning photos! Bridget is a truly talented photographer with a lot of experience photographing dogs as well as other animals such as cats, horses, you name it! She is also a lovely lovely person and we are great fans of her work. Why not book a session today? How wonderful would it be to have stunning photos of your beloved dog that you can cherish forever?


Here are some of Bridget’s words regarding this shoot:

“Please meet Loki. He & his mum were the lucky winners of the – Finding places for your pets Photo Competition and we finally got together for his photo shoot.
Loki was a great model and he looked stunning in every single shot! As location for his shoot we choose Gadebridge Park in Hemel Hempstead, which was just perfect. I loved meeting him. ”

Bridget Davey Photography –
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