Now, we all love pictures of cute dogs but, social media cannot get enough of these 4 photogenic pups.


Meet Zero (Samoyed), Navi (Australian Shepherd Cross), Holden and Arbor (both Bernese Mountain Dogs), the internet's favourite adorable doggy stars who are stealing the hearts of dog lovers all over the world thanks to some beautifully taken pictures by their owner Shandess Griffin from Maple Ridge, Canada. One of her photos of her four dogs (plus a friends tag along), which is seen below, has been shared nearly 940,000 - now that's a lot of puppy love!2C0A5ABB00000578-3224945-image-a-3_1441618047714Shandess, a manager of a dog daycare and grooming company says, 'My dogs definitely are my life,' she says. 'I don't consider a trip unless they are with me and I can't imagine my life without them.

'They travel around in the car all the time with us and it was hugely important for me to have well-mannered dogs in the car so training began immediately on that one.'

2C0A5BCF00000578-3224945-image-a-7_1441618080677It seems like the world loves seeing everything this large canine family gets up to including movie nights, park visits, shower time and helping with the cleaning. The four even helped their owners fiancée Jason propose to her which was all captured on the most adorable video - they even took part in their ceremony this month (we can't wait to see the pictures!).


Shandess has had all four from puppies and has spent time socialising them and training them in front of the camera, which we can see from the well posed pictures. She says, 'Pretty much since I was born I've been in love with animals. I always wanted a dog growing up, but it just wasn't possible so when I became an adult I clearly made up for that,' Shandess said.

'Don't get me wrong, I am the rule maker of the house but I would do anything for my dogs.

'I work very hard to ensure my pups get the right socialisation they need and with that comes a lot of training in front of the camera.'


We can't get enough of these adorable doggies - can you?2C0A5A3E00000578-3224945-image-a-17_1441618161532

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Source: DailyMail

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