Seven Puppies Found Abandoned In Field

The recent UK heatwave a brought about a wave of unwanted pets being abandoned by their owners, with animal charities pleading with owners to take them to shelters instead.

In spite of this, puppies up and down the country are being neglected, with the extreme heat posing an even bigger threat to their life and well being. And it seems that the rise in temperatures globally had led to a similar trend…

Seven puppies have been rescued after they were found abandoned in a field in boiling summer temperatures.

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The puppies were found by Sebastian Bushey, 28, who was in disbelief when he found a total of seven puppies abandoned in a field by the road whilst on his way to work.

The construction worker from Washington, US, promptly gathered all of the puppies and took them to a local vet centre to get the care that they needed.

They are now said to be doing well and will be ready for adoption from mid August.

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Speaking of discovering the puppies, Mr. Bushey said:

“The puppies seemed very timid and nervous to come towards me because the bush was the only shade they had around them.

They seemed very dehydrated. I got them to my truck and got them bottles of water and dog food.

I took them to my local animal shelter where they were treated for dehydration and sprayed for fleas.

They all have been named words that mean ‘river’ since I found them next to the Grand Ronde River in Washington state.”

We’re sure that the puppies will soon be snapped up and will love every minute of their ‘second chance’ forever homes!

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