It's International Peace Day this week and here at Tailster, we believe all pets deserve a peaceful place to call home.

So, to show our support to this global goodness day, we’ll be donating 5% of our commission from all bookings made this week to Sava's Safe Haven. Book your pet care now to do your bit to help a homeless hound!

sava's safe haven

Introducing Sava’s Safe Haven

Founded in 2012, Sava's Safe Haven finds and cares for strays across Romania where the homeless pet situation across towns, cities and villages is increasing all the time. Taking in dogs, cats, rabbits and birds, they strive to help as many find their fur-ever homes across the world, proving that love truly has no borders.

Sava’s success stories – a few favourites

In the last seven years, Sava’s Safe Haven has rehomed more than 1500 pets and right now they are caring for over 250 animals including cats, rabbits and birds in the shelter. But here are just a few of the most heart-warming to inspire you to help all of those who are still without a place to call home.

sava's safe haven


Beethoven’s eyes told a sad story when he first arrived at Sava’s Safe Haven. After waiting weeks for somebody to help him on the street, Sava’s heard about him and went to his rescue.

He was in shocking condition with an infection in his broken leg and was severely underweight.

That’s where a wonderful team of vets from the US came in. Although Beethoven sadly lost his damaged leg, they were able to give him a second chance. He’s now living his best life as a brave tripod dog with a lovely family here in the UK.


Hope is a true fighter.  She was thrown away with the rubbish, and when Sava’s Safe Haven found her, she was hanging on by a thread. After being rushed back to the sanctuary, Hope was put on an emergency drip and eventually started to take food fed by hand – but the outlook was bleak.

Against all odds, Hope refused to give up. She fought for her life every single day and slowly the volunteers began to see improvements. From lifting her head to wiggling her legs to finally wagging her tail – Hope wasn’t going to lose this fight! Hope is now living with her new family in the UK.


Penny was found abandoned at a petrol station in June last year. She was starved, matted and completely neglected.

The amazing bunch at Sava’s Safe Haven found her wandering around alone and took the time to earn her trust, bringing her back with them to safety. Once at the shelter, they groomed her, took care of a wound on her back and her rotting teeth. The vets found she had also previously given birth to two or three litters of puppies.

Since her adoption in London last September, Penny has given just as much love as she’s received. She adjusted quickly to her new home and while she’s still timid around other dogs, she’s joined the pack with her brother Buddy, and found a friend in felines, even securing a boyfriend in the neighbourhood cat!

Meet the pups you could help

Introducing Schiller, Viby and Alfie. Just three of the hundreds of lives you're improving when you book your pet care this week and donate to Sava’s Safe Haven You might even want one of these little pups to join your family...

sava's safe haven


Rescued from a schoolyard as a tiny pup in 2014, Schiller has grown into a gentle giant who has been waiting for his home by over four years. Blissfully unaware of his size, Schiller will happily squeeze himself into the smallest bed he can find when it comes to bedtime. We hope Schiller finds unlimited inappropriately sized baskets for his fluffy self to enjoy when he finds his forever home.


Viby had spent her life inside a kennel until her rescue three years ago. With ears that shoot back when she hears her name with joy, Viby couldn’t be a sweeter looking girl. This wise-looking pooch is looking for somewhere to stretch her legs and call home.


Poor Alfie was found nearly two years ago, starved and in the middle of nowhere. Covered in parasites and full of intestinal worms, Alfie was also diagnosed with a disease that caused hair loss. Alfie has since made a full recovery and grown into a beautiful young man – with a coat to be proud of –  but he’s still patiently waiting for someone to give him a chance.

sava's safe haven

We’ll be donating 5% of our commission from all bookings made this week. Help the hounds (and all of the other animals at the shelter) and book your pet care now!

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